Find The Best UK Mobile Slots Here!

We are here to guide you through some of the best games of varying themes which can be played on all mobile devices and are suited for all kinds of budgets and players. Playing casino games on mobile phones is in vogue and thousands of casino lovers from all around are resorting to their mobile phones for playing some of the most exciting casino games. In this article I am going to present you with a brief review of some of the best mobile slots.

Goldify Mobile Slots:

best mobile slots

One of the best mobile slots ever created the Goldify would add a golden touch to your game and the goldify icons are sure to raise your winning up to 5 times when played on your mobile phone. The best part of this game comes when the stack of wilds and symbols are revealed which would help you in filling the forty pay lines while you need to wait for the Rose Scatters.The bonus free spins can be triggered for more than 3 times and can be re-triggered to claim your awards with an overwhelming 500 spins with 5X multiplayer.

All you need to do for playing this game is to visit and enter your mobile number in the Play Now section and activate your account. It’s so simple!

Way of the Slot – for a bit of oriental action on the reel

This brand new game will lead you to huge wins on your mobile devise, while the ancient Chinese teachers would be guiding you all the way. The beautiful cartoon layout of exotic oriental themes is one feature of this game which has made us include it in our list of best mobile slots.

This graphic rich HD slot game can be played in almost all mobile phones; the never ending list of oriental symbols starting with pretty Maneki cats to swords and shields to pandas and dragons are one element which has made it so popular among mobile casino enthusiasts.The humans are replaced by geishas, and kung fu warriors in this 5 reel 50 payline mobile slot game and fans of the Far East are sure to delight in the vivid depiction of oriental culture in this mind blowing casino game.

Samurai vs Zombies

This fascinating mobile slot will take you to the end of the world where you are the sole survivor who is battling a bunch of zombies. This is the challenge you will be facing when you play this 5 reel 50 slot mobile slot. Fans of George A. Romero and The Walking Dead are sure to be excited by this brand new mobile slot which can be played in HD quality. The symbols and graphics are so real that you are sure to find yourself in a hostile world combating the threat of the zombies. A beautiful selection of Japanese artefacts like Katana Swords, bells, lanterns, sushi and helmets are used as symbols on its 5 reels. The fact that it comes with the jackpot prize of 6000 pounds are one reason why we placed it in our list of best mobile slots.


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